Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Baby Rhylan

Rhylan Jo

  • She is 19 months old
  • Talking as much as she can
  • Shy when she wants to be
  • Loves to hold mama's hand
  • Went through a "no" phase that embarrassed and annoyed us
  • She says "I lo lu" or as we say, "I love you"
  • Fake laughing is her new "no"
  • Eats like a sumo wrestler which explains why my "little baby" is wearing high-watered pants
  • Goes to bed easy, wakes up like a wretch
  • Falls asleep to "Jesus loves me" every night and sometimes at nap time
  • Loves her grandparents soooo much and what happens there, stays there
  • Fox and Fork tend to sound like another "f" word
  • She rides in the car like a champ but getting her into her car seat is a real pain in my @ss
  • I give her blowout hairstyles like the early 2000's Hilary Clinton
  • I first wrap her up in her bath towel like it's a straight jacket so I can achieve the blowout
  • She loves her stay at home dada and cries when he leaves but only whimpers when mama leaves
  • Drawing and paintings of her own hang on her bedroom walls
  • Shapes and numbers are her side hobby but she doesn't make a habit of them
  • Naked is her favorite outfit since she has learned to undo her diaper
  • Shoe love has been passed down into her DNA
  • Bath time isn't her favorite past time
  • Nemo is "mio" and she will request it 12 times per day
  • IPTV is the Wrage's new favorite channel
  • Mama insists that she should watch The Today Show from time to time
  • She jumps
  • She whines, whines, whines
  • Timeout is a new past time
  • We have to keep the house clean or she says, "it's mess!"
  • Her mouth is full of tiny white teeth that she loves to brush or just put the toothbrush in her mouth
  • She gets chocolate chips for going potty on the potty
  • She happily eats a lot of healthy foods and I am the "crazy" mom that stops people from giving her junk food
  • I missed her 18 month check up...bad parents!
  • I laugh hysterically when she tries to put my bra on
  • We laugh a lot with her and at her...

Life with "Baby Rhylan" is good