Thursday, January 3, 2013

Picture obsessed!!

Oh how time flies by.  It's no different than any other year but we all keep saying how we can't believe another year has past.  I guess it's because we have no physical way of stopping time so we take five billion pictures.  We even go as far as to document what nail color we picked or even a hearty dinner.  It seems ridiculous to most people why we would put all this information out there.  I can see why it looks silly that we put pictures of our kids looking like kids but those are moments I want to freeze in time.  I want to remember the first time she made that "crazy" face on command, the first time she put a party hat on, the first time she made a kissy face to her dada.  Pictures have an amazing place in my life and I share about 1/1000th of the stock that I have on my computer and phone.  When my mom pulls out the old photo album of when grandpa was alive, it takes me back to that day when I walked six blocks to his apartment, ate some candy and told him I wanted to marry him.  Without those pictures he would be a faded face.  Without pictures, Rhylan's first moments may be a fuzzy whirlwind.  Because of pictures I can clearly look at her first four months of life like I'm right back there smiling, thinking I can't imagine her any bigger. 

My dad, Sami, Josh, Krista.  1988 or 89

Who does Rhylan get that crazy open mouth face from??? 
November 2012

 Scott doing his first swaddle August 2011

Rhylan's first day in the snow. December 2012
The old movies and the old pictures help us to know that it was real.  There were fun times and there were hard times.  I recently found a "great" picture of me that was snapped while I was in labor pushing out baby Rhylan.  Wow!  That was a memory I could forget!  Just kidding...sort of :)  

Every time I watch The Sound of Music or White Christmas I fall in love with the characters, clothing, dancing, lingo, and cinematography. It's romantic, dramatic and dreamy.  That's why Instagram takes the stage in photo apps.  People are in love with knowing there was a moment that made us so full of joy that we needed to make it history.

It's the past that helps us appreciate the present and it's the present that represents our future.   
Happy 2013!  I hope there are billion moments worthy of picture taking this year!