Tuesday, September 13, 2011

road trips, foreign foods, and mustard poo

It's been a wild couple of weeks here at the Wrage household. Rhylan is 5 1/2 weeks old. In the last few weeks I have learned the patience it takes to pump so I can have a "break" from my new little latched friend. We have successfully taken her on a 22 hour road trip to Montana. It was quite an adventure since she's not one of those babies that loves her car seat. We admittedly took her out of her car seat on several occasions on the way there when there was no traffic and prayed for safety. I hesitated every time we took her our while driving, feeling like that infamous picture of Britney Spears holding her baby on her lap driving away from the paparazzi, but it's what we did. On the way home I figured out how to calm her down and keep her in her car seat. Soothing her was strange. It required me to tuck a blanket under her chin, blow air in her face, and put my hand on her cheek. I did that for 3-5 minutes and she passed out at least until we stopped at the next gas station. Our trip there was non stop 22 hours with a few breaks but the trip home took us three days because we wanted to take our time. We fully enjoyed seeing friends and family, I will never regret going.

Rhylan's great grandma loved her! We were out to eat one morning and I was holding Rhylan so she faced Grandma. We were all chatting it up and suddenly I looked over to see Grandma with a spoon full of whipped cream coming towards Rhylan's mouth. Down the hatched it went! Grandma was giddy watching Rhylan smack her lips and stick out her tongue from this new foreign food. Scott and I suddenly had severe anxiety about what the repercussions would be from Grandma's surprise breakfast treat. I nervously laughed and went along with it and Scott looked at me with terror in his eyes. I quietly mouthed across the table at him, "it's okay, she'll be fine." Secretly, I prayed that she lived through this. After our anxiety passed Rhylan started to fuss, letting me know she wanted some real food. I told Grandma I needed to go to her house to feed her and next thing I knew there was another spoonful of whipped cream in Rhylan's mouth. There she was again, smacking her lips and sticking out her tongue. Where's the waitress?!?! CHECK PLEASE!! It's time to go! Moral of the story...Great Grandma wins every time. Rhylan lived and Grandma had fun.

Every day I wake up and it's like Christmas morning. It's so fun to open my eyes and see her look at me with her puffy little eyes and then she stretches in a big human way. She has started to coo and make funny noises that entertain us more than watching any reality tv show. Rhylan sleeps in our bed most nights. We are slowly weaning her into her own sleeping space because I don't want to someday wake up and realize I have a 10 year old sleeping with us.

We are settling into this whole parenting thing pretty well I think. I have an excellent husband that never hesitates to change a diaper and loves to pick her clothes out for the day or more like a few hours until she blows out her diaper. God gave me an outstanding guy. Blow outs are almost a daily occurrence. She has had some loads that left all three of us covered in poo. She usually gives us a big smile and then puts her feet right down in the mess. We then try to contain her flailing legs which causes the yellow mustard to spread to our arms and hands. This is the new drama in our lives but I'm not going to complain. It's a beautiful mess.

New accomplishments for Rhylan:

Thigh fat rolls, cooing, neck getting stronger

New accomplishments for Scott:

Letting me hold her for more than the time it takes to breast feed her ;)

New accomplishments for Krista:

Ran 1 mile, can sneeze without peeing, getting into my pre prego pants that actually have a zipper and button