Thursday, July 5, 2012

Part 1 and Part two...what a day!

1st Part of the day:
Today started out with Rhylan being brought to me while I was in bed.  She laid on my lap and said some words then laughed.  It brought so much joy to the start of my day.  After getting ready for work, I headed to the main floor just in time to hear Scott yell, "help! help!"  I headed towards the voice.  Scott and Rhylan were in the bathroom and he said, "Hurry, help me!  I was taking her to the toilet to poop but she already started in her diaper and now it's all over her leg!"  This was all said in a panicky voice and I couldn't help but laugh.  Scott held her hands up and I wiped her legs.  Suddenly, she was pooping again and it dropped out on the wipe I was holding so we threw her back on the toilet.  She finished there and we started to clean her up again and there it was again!  She was pooping some more!  I couldn't catch it this time and it hit the bathroom rug.  We were laughing and trying to contain the poop but it was impossible.  She stepped in it first, then found a way to get her hands in it.  I was trying to wipe her as she was pooping and smearing it everywhere.  Scott's hands were poop smeared as well.  I pulled her dress off of her and told Scott we needed to shower her because I wasn't hauling her poopy body upstairs.  He told me I needed to do it but I refused as I pulled off his shorts and pushed him into the shower.  He was reluctant to shower with our poopy baby but I didn't want her to leave a poop trail around our house.  She stood in the shower with her naked dad as he used Axe body wash to clean her off.  I wrapped her up in the towel and she smelled just like a teenage boy but I suppose that's much better than feces.  Baths are a common event in our house these days.  Who knew babies were so messy?

2nd Part of the day:

I was wrapping up at work tonight when Scott called with Rhylan fussing in the background.  He told me to hurry home because there was a big bruise on her chest and a vein coming from it.  I really didn't know what to think but I am not prone to panic so I didn't.  When I came home, Scott was feeding her and she seemed a little out of sorts so I asked him to show me the bruise and vein.  I then stepped into the kitchen, grabbed a rag and wiped it off.  That's right, it was something sticky on her chest that attracted dirt that made a dark spot on her.  I appreciate that he was concerned and started to google "bruised chest with vein on baby."  If I hadn't arrived when I did I'm sure he would've ended up at the ER with her.  He's such a good dad :)  I'm just glad that we didn't get charged $1000 for cleaning our kid.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

I may offend

Recently went to the aquatic center here in Ames and I was saddened.  I'm not going to beat around the bush.  The number of 8-17 year olds that I saw wearing string bikinis was appalling.  I couldn't believe that these little girls who either didn't have any curves or were just developing were wearing hardly anything.  It only made them look 5 years older...ONLY?  I was super bummed out.

When I was 13, my mom allowed me to wear a two piece swimsuit but it was modest.  No bikini for me at that age.  I know that it looks cute to dress your daughter up in clothes that make her look like a little woman but let's be honest about who's looking at them.  It would be peaches if the average age that someone was exposed to porn wasn't 11 years old.  It would be awesome if the USA didn't have the highest rate of pornographic movies produced.  It would be super if the average age of the viewing audience of porn wasn't men ages 35-48.  It would be great if there weren't over 7 million people searching for teen porn every day.  Wouldn't it be relieving if 34% of teen girls didn't feel pressured to send sexually suggestive content via text or social media to feel "sexy".  It would be a wonderful world if there weren't over 100,000 girls 9-19 years old abducted and sold into sex trafficking. 

Sadly, these are real statistics.  Next time you think your 10 year old is just a 10 year old and it's cute to see her in a string bikini, think again.  It's cute to you but to some, she looks like a 15 year old and is seen as a sexual person.  

I'm not judging anyone but I do caution you to dress your daughter in more age appropriate clothing and watch out for what she puts on the internet.  Here are some really cute, appropriate swimsuits.  They're out there, but maybe just not at Target or other popular places.  It's worth the time to look though.  You're daughter is worth it.