Saturday, June 9, 2012

Little Bitty

Rhylan Jo

10 months old
9 month check up: 16.12 lbs, 27 inches long

8 teeth

Can now fit into size 3 diapers

She eats like a champ:
All foods including June bugs

Stood on her own one day before she turned 9 months

Took 2 steps at 9 1/2 months

Walking shortly before 10 months old

Special skills:
Waving, clapping, holding toys in her mouth in movement (like a dog), can bump her head and get right back to work without crying, sign "all done" and "food", spit whatever is in her mouth into mommy's hand, crawl up stairs (since 7 months old), drink out of a sippy cup, says "whasthat?" and "whosthat?" (Now, I'm not sure if that's what she is really saying but it's said in context most of the time so we will go with it)

Weird skill mommy taught her:
Going potty on the potty.  I read an article about starting potty training now because then it is a natural progression.  I sit her on the toilet first thing in the morning and she tinkles then we say good job and diaper her back up.  When I see the poop face, we immediately say potty and run her to the toilet where she does the job.  She's only pooped in her diaper once since we started this routine.  Every time we get home from a walk or running an errand I take her in to go potty.   It's at least entertaining for me because she really does know when she is going potty and makes a cute face.  Call me crazy, I don't care :)

New on the menu:
Her naughty streak.  Everyday, it seems like she is getting herself in trouble and for fear of being the "no police" we try to find different ways to let her know what she is doing is wrong.  She knows our tone and our look when we catch her doing something naughty.  She even will turn around and beeline in a different direction.  It's hard not to laugh but she watches so intently for our reactions that if we crack a smile she will do it again.

Rhylan Josephine (dad), Little bitty (mom), smilin' Rhylan (grandma Patti), No buns (papa), Jo or teeny meany (Grandma Diane)

She's entertaining to say the least.  I told Scott the other day that I have the biggest "crush" on my daughter.  I think about her day and night and can't get enough of her!  Her daddy is just as smitten :)